New remote learning experience w/ dave stuart jr.

Stewarding Our Lives Seminar

A five-week virtual seminar on getting better at time management & being saner at work and at home.

Let's make this year good.

Join me and a small community of like-minded colleagues as we seek to understand and practice together the disciplines beneath effectively stewarding our time.

Stewarding... not a common word these days. It means "managing on behalf of others." On behalf of our loved ones, our students, and our future selves: that's who we're doing this course for.


  • Starts October 4 (specific dates TBD)
  • Five weeks long
  • One live, interactive 90-minute session with Dave and fellow cohort members each week (5 total live classes)
  • Ten asynchronous video lessons w/ reflection application mini-projects (we'll complete two of these lessons/mini-projects per week)
  • One year of 24-7 access to the exclusive online cohort community -- all the colleagues in the course will be able to connect and discuss on this platform
  • Free alumni access to any future cohorts I run
  • $450 unless you're a Time Management Course owner -- in that case, it's $350

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    Questions you might have:

    Why so expensive?

    This is an investment in all the days we have left. How do we want to experience our work? Our lives outside of work? Our inner lives? What we're after in this course is improving those fundamentals of our experience. With that in view, I view the price as a great value.

    Who should take this course?

    The content is generic enough to be applied to people in all walks of life, but I'll be focusing my teaching on the lives of those who work in education.

    Scholarships available?

    Not at this time. I thought about it, but it's a layer of complexity that I can't manage this fall as a single-person operation.

    What time will the live sessions be?

    Since I imagine we'll be spread across time zones, I'll probably do the live sessions at 8pm EST. This'll be late for my fellow ESTers but only 5pm for our friends on the other coast.

    International colleagues are super welcome to apply, but I understand that the time zone difference may make it hard.

    For folks who can't attend live, recordings will be posted shortly after each session.

    Will the live sessions be recorded?


    If I've already taken the Time Management Course, will I get anything out of this experience?

    I was recently going through the Time Management Course with a faculty in Florida, and I was amazed at how rich the thought exercises in each lesson were for me personally. And I'm the guy who made the course! It shouldn't be impactful to me, should it?

    But what we're after in my approach to time management is growing in ten enduring practices -- habits, disciplines, inner workouts that shape us into the kinds of people who produce less-frenetic, more fulfilled lives. So it makes sense that even I as the course creator would get something out of re-engaging with the ideas. When it comes to exercises, we can always keep growing.

    Long way of saying: Yes, I think you will.

    Will there be new content Dave hasn't released anywhere else?

    Depends how you define new. I'm not Mr. New Idea Guy -- I'm "think about the same thing a million times and continue to find treasure"... Guy. So, longtime readers won't probably be surprised by much. But I do think we'll all leave with deeper understandings about basic concepts like satisficing, skipping, focusing, resting, and so on.

    When can we sign up?

    I'll open registration sometime in September.

    Dave, I have another question!

    Awesome! Once you sign up for the waitlist above, you'll get an auto-email from me that you can just click "Reply" to and ask anything you'd like. That'll go straight into my inbox.

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